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1. Sunarise.

2. Painting on the wall.

3. We don't want.

4. Beginning to an end.

Blues review

Daisy May, Maniac and never released Anti-Social version of 'Sunarise'. (1972-1987)

Lost in the Pines (1992-1998)

More Albums soon to be available.

In the Company of Men. (2006-2008)

Robert Fern and Forgotten Flowers,

1. Oranges and Lemons.

2. The very first time.

3. I can never be your man.

4. L'amour toujours.

5. Freak.

6. The things that can happen to me can happen to you.

7. Madeleins eyes.

8. Songs like this one.

9. The stalker.

10. You.

11. Strangers on a train.

12. Ophelia.

13. I wonder.

1. Lost in the Pines.

2. Catch my fall.

3. My heart is an open book.

4. Lonely nights.

5. The Woman Inside.

6. Anticipation of all things dreamt.

7. Shopping list.

8. My mind is a vacant space.

9. Leviathen's last voyage.

10. Eye of a needle.

Robert Fern's Blues Review (2011)

1. Shake for me.

2. Oh pretty woman.

3. I'm a man.

4. I'm a mover.

5. On the road again.

6. Down home girl.

7, Cry to me.

8. The wind cries Mary.


Robert has played the blues for nearly four decades and is currently arranging a series of gigs to coincide with his compilation 'Robert Fern's Blues Review' album.  His musical diversions travel accross the genres of Spanish classical guitar to electronic to punk which gave him success in the band 'Anti-Social'. The blues is still the essence of his guitar technique and the heart of his music.