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Robert achieved 'rock' notoriety recently when a rare copy of a single called 'Traffic Lights' was discovered in a private collection belonging to the late John Peel. This sparked interest in the obscure punk band Anti-Social of which Robert was the founder member and main composer. An article about him was published in Record Collector magazine detailing not only Robert's involvment in the 'punk' field but also his previous musical ventures including Daisy May and Maniac.

Robert now teaches guitar and plays local gigs in West Wales but is mostly concerned with composition. His recent musical works are to be available on the 'Soundcloud' site. His current concept album is a blend of classical guitar and electronic programming set to lyrics that are about a house of wayward and vagrant children simply titled 'Our House' His daughter and co musician Emma, also known as 'Pixie', sings and plays various instruments on the album as well as drawing and designing the characters who live in the house. She is currently studying animation at Bristol University. Together they become 'Forgotten Flowers'

Despite Roberts love of playing cassical guitar at weddings and functions as well as ambient 'Eno' styled electronic music, he still has a 'punk' heart which manifests itself through his lyrics and harder musical pieces from time to time. It's all good!

Robert Fern


classical guitarist


blues performer


Daisy May 1972


Anti-Social (1979) with John Harrison on drums.

Robert Fern was educated at Holte Grammar school in Aston, Birmingham. Fellow 'Brummie' rocker Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath was a year or two ahead of him there. After quitting education at the age of 17 he went to Wales selling his own paintings while living in a caravan, This venture helped him to buy his first Strat and formed 'Daisy May'.

Throughout his musical career he has worked with artists such as Arthur Brown, Caravan, Babe Ruth, Keith Relf, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and many more.

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Forgotten Flowers 2009, Celtic Blue Rock gig

Robert plays a wide variety of musical styles including popular contempory favourites, Spanish classical and original works. He has been a musician for many years and has worked with many well known artists at many prestigious venues.

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Love story. Titanic (theme). Diamonds are forever. Superstar. Somewhere. Autumn leaves.Samba Pati. Shine on you crazy diamond (Pink Floyd). Apache. Atlantis. Chai Mai. Born Free and much much more

Robert's Repertoire includes

Robert records his own backing tracks and introduces new songs on a regular basis. His repertoire stands at over four hours of music...and growing...

aka robert fernando